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A delegation of colleagues from the University of South Florida (USF) has visited the IPCB-CNR (Naples/Portici/Pozzuoli sites) for the annual meeting of IRES BEAMS project to discuss about training and research activities in Bioelectronic and Biomedical fields.

IRES BEAMS (US-Italy International Research Experience for Students for Bio and Electronic Advanced Material Systems) is a project coordinated by USF (Lead. Prof. Sylvia Thomas) financially supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) focused on advanced materials for bio and electronic devices.

IRES-BEAMS program leverages synergistic research, education, and mentoring between the Advanced Materials Bio and Integration Research (AMBIR) group at University of South Florida (USF) and the National Research Council of Italy – Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (CNR-IPCB, Lead, Dr. Vincenzo Guarino), and the Italian Institute of Technology Center for Nano Science and Technology (IIT-CNST, Lead. Dr. Mario Caironi), both ranking among Italy’s top ten leading research facilities.

This year, IPCB-CNR hosts Eva Fernandes, PhD Student – working on the Fabrication of chitin loaded electrospun fibres – and Khiara Richards, Undergraduate student – working on the fabrication of 3D printed composite scaffolds – under the scientific guide and supervision of Drs. Vincenzo Guarino, Irene Bonadies and Mauro Zarrelli.

The specific objectives of the IRES-BEAMS program are:

  1. Develop student global competency to bridge differences between cultures and collaborate effectively within multinational teams for international awards and technical connectedness.

  1. Expand student participation within international programs to enhance both their global engagement and preparation for cutting-edge research at the graduate level (M.S., PhD.)

  1. Establish collaborative research projects of mutual interest that will result in long-term partnerships, proposals, high-impact publications, patents, and student opportunities.

  1. Provide students with state-of-the art research training in bio and nano electronics under the mentorship of international scientists to strengthen a globally aware workforce.

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