China sets its sights on Science City

Città della Scienza hosted visiting Ambassador Li Junhua of the People’s Republic of China accompanied by Ministers Counselors for Science and Technology Shen Jianlei and Economy Li Bin and other members of the delegation. They were welcomed by City of Science President Riccardo Villari, Director General Massimo Cavaliere and the Idis Foundation Board of Directors represented by Pina Tommasielli.

The meeting was an opportunity to present and dialogue with the Ambassador on the results of the program of internationalization of research-innovation systems that Città della Scienza has been coordinating for several years at both regional and national levels.

With a view to enhancing the agreements and the many collaborations born with the program, the discussion also took place through the direct testimony of “best practices” to highlight the opportunities offered by such significant events that are consolidated with greater intensity each year.

After the institutional speeches, interlocutors from 4 Campanian realities that have established relationships and followed up on agreements took the floor:

Luigi Ambrosio, Director of the CNR Institute of Composite Polymers and Biomaterials (for the Joint lab on advanced materials with Sichuan University);

Maria Teresa Coppola, Department of Radiation Oncology, National Cancer Institute IRCCS Fondazione Pascale (for cooperation in training Chinese doctors);

Giuseppe Morsillo, President of CIRA (for cooperation in the field of aeronautics); and

Amelia Menna, Scientific Office of MANN – National Archaeological Museum of Naples (for cultural exchanges in the field of archaeology).

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Li Junhua, concluded:

“I was very impressed by the visit to your park and the testimonies of cooperation I heard, not only in the scientific but also in the cultural field. Therefore, I reiterate my and my staff’s total readiness to continue this important collaboration between China and Italy, for which Science City plays such an important role.”