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Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Synthesis | characterization | antimicrobial agents | migration | scalping |

Zampino Daniela Clotilde

Researcher – SS Catania



Main research activities of Dr. Zampino:

Synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids; development of antimicrobial polymer blends (PVC, PE, SEBS, Pebax®Rnew) loaded with different antimicrobial agents (ionic liquids, silver zeolites, silver nanoparticles, ferrocene derivatives, etc.); characterization of commercial and synthetic polymeric materials by DSC, TGA, HPLC-UV, GC-MS, SEC, NMR, MALDI-TOF; synthesis and characterization of functionalized polyether sulfones (PES); characterization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and non-volatile ones present as contaminants and/or additives in PET bottles; determination of aromas loss (scalping) and migration of additives and monomers from polymeric materials; microbial ecology (determination of total and living bacterioplankton, enzymatic activities of microorganisms on the main organic compounds of marine sediments); air quality biomonitoring through pollen viability.

She has been lecturer, tutor of fellows and Principal Investigator of research activities in PON (National Operational Project) and POR FESR Sicilia projects.

Supervision of students and research fellows:

Co-Tutor of bachelor/master degree thesis in “Environmental and Food Toxicology”, “Pharmacy”, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry and “Chemical Engineering for Industrial Sustainability” at the University of Catania; tutor of research fellows, “Paths for Transversal Skills and for Orientation” (40 h each) and “Work experience days” (4-5 h each), the last two for student of high schools.

Other scientific dissemination activities (Researchers’ Night; European Biotech Week, organization of congresses, meetings).

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Citrus pomace waste | Biocomposites | Pectin | Biomass recovery | Circular economy approach |

Zannini Domenico

Temporary researcher – SP Pozzuoli


  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry (17/07/2019)
  • Degree in Industrial Chemistry (21/03/2016)

Main activities and responsibilities:

The project I am dealing with concerns the recovery and reuse of secondary raw materials deriving from agro-food waste in the context of a circular economy. I worked on the green extraction of pectin from citrus waste, in order to recover and use the latter as a polysacaridic polymer matrix for the preparation and characterization of pectin-based films and biocomposite materials. The latter were obtained by recombining the extracted pectin with different quantities of lignocellulosic residues, recovered in the same way from citrus waste after extraction. The prepared biocomposites have been morphologically and mechanically characterized to be used as biodegradable materials for agricultural mulching, through an economic and eco-sustainable approach.

The research activity involved the use of different techniques and instruments including calorimetric (TGA and DSC), mechanical properties (tensile and puncture test), structural analysis (SEM and GPC) and spectroscopic (FTIR-ATR). Furthermore, the extracted bioactive molecules were subsequently recovered, separated and characterized to evaluate their antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, in order to develop bioactive pectin films to be used in the food packaging sector.

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

structural polymer composites | experimental mechanics | structural properties of polymer composites | nanocomposites | thermomechanical and thermal properties | cure kinetics | degradation | resistance to fire

Zarrelli Mauro

Senior researcher – SS Napoli/Portici



Born in 1974
In 1998 – Material Engineer (University of Naples)
In 2022 – PhD degree in Advanced Materials (Cranfield University, UK).
From 1998 to 2002 – assistant Research at Cranfield University, he received an AUDI Foundation grant (2001) as a young researcher working on cure induced warpage of aerospace composites.
From 2002 to 2004 – responsible for the Thermal Analysis and Mechanical Lab. activities of the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA-Capua).
From 2004 to 2005 – Start-up engineer within the Commissioning and Decommissioning of TECHNIP ITALY in Doha (Qatar) and in Rome.
From 2005 to 2008, – project research within the frame of two different CNR funded projects focused on the development of aerospace composites.
From 2008 – permanent researcher at CNR-IPCB.
From 2014 – contract professor for the University of Campania, course holder “Experimental technique for Aerospace Composite Structures” (ING/IND04) for the Aerospace Engineering Faculty.
From 2014 – habilitation in ING/IND22 as associate professor.
From 2018 – Personal Security Clearance (N.O.S.).
From 2022 – habilitation in ING/IND04 as associate professor.
His has published more than 90 scientific peer-reviewed papers in the international journal, more than 100 contributions to international and national conferences and 6 book contributions.
Area of Expertise: advanced materials, nanocomposites, polymer composites, polymers, nanoparticles, experimental mechanics, fracture and fatigue, thermomechanical and thermal properties of isotropic and orthotropic materials, structural properties of composites (impact, high strain rate), cure kinetics, degradation, resistance to fire, implementation of shape memory alloy for integrated morphing device for the automotive and aeronautical sector.

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR


Zeppetelli Stefania

Technical collaborator – SS Napoli/Portici



Stefania Zeppetelli graduated in Biological Sciences in 1999 at the University “Federico II” of Naples. She is technical collaborator at the Institute for Polymers, Biomaterials Composites (UOSNA). The technical-scientific activities are focused on   following research lines:

-Multiphase polymeric materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

-Transformation technologies of synthetic polymers of natural origin, composites and nano structures.

During her activity she deals with the development of analytical and instrumental methods for the biological characterization of polymeric and composite materials for tissue engineering. In addition, she is responsible of the coordination of experimental activities as well as   students and postgraduates training of Tissue Engineering Laboratory. She participates by providing technical support to scientific activities related to the biological characterization of devices for different applications within different projects. She collaborates with the Project Manager as technical-administrative support officer for the report of the projects. She is co-author of 38 articles in international journals and 10 technical reports

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR


Zotti Aldobenedetto

Temporary researcher – SS Napoli/Portici



Master’s degree in Materials Engineering in 2013 with a thesis on the development of epoxy matrix nanocomposites loaded with clay nanoparticles for the improvement of fire resistance properties.
PhD in Engineering of Products and Industrial Processes in 2017 (XXIX cycle) with a thesis on the synthesis of organic, inorganic and hybrid functional surfaces for development of optical as sensors and biosensors.
From 2014 to 2016 I worked on the national OPTOFER project for the development of innovative fiber optic sensors for monitoring and diagnostics of railway infrastructure aimed of increasing the safety level, reliability and efficiency of rail transport; during this project I was able to refine my skills relating to the development of polymeric surfaces sensitive to different analytes, as well as to the integration of these materials with optical transducers, such as Long Period Gratings (LPGs) and Fiber-Bragg Gratings (FBGs).
From 2016 to 2019 I took part to the European EXTREME project, whose goal was developing novel material characterization methods, in-situ measurement techniques, and simulation tools to support the design, manufacturing, testing and validation of aerospace composite structures under extreme dynamic loading. As part of the project, I was able to refine my skills in the design and development of toughened nanocomposites through the use of laboratory synthesized fillers; I also had the opportunity to investigate and implement new characterization techniques for the prediction of the fracture and impact behavior of both nanocomposites and composites reinforced with carbon fibers.
From 2019 to 2022 I collaborated within the ISAAC project for the production of hierarchical composites reinforced with carbon fibers and inorganic/organic nanofillers for applications in the automotive industry. Specifically, I worked on the production of fiber-reinforced toughened composites as well as their mechanical characterization, with particular attention to the properties related to the fiber-matrix interface (resistance to delamination, compressive strength after impact, etc.).
Over the years I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with CERN for the development of cryogenic optical sensors and with the University of Latvia (Latvia) for the study of environmental effects (temperature and humidity) on the electrical properties of nanotubes and carbon nanofibers based nanocomposites.

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Thermo-responsive polymers | polymer synthesis | dynamic light scattering | food packaging | sol-gel |

Zuppardi Federica

Temporary researcher – SP Pozzuoli



Graduated in 2013 in Sciences and Technologies of Industrial Chemistry.

Second level Master degree in Natural Organic substances.

Main skills and research activities:

  • Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic copolymers by random radical polymerization and RAFT controlled polymerization (Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain-Transfer polymerization).
  • Characterization of the thermo- and pH-responsive behavior of self-assembling copolymers by Dinamic Light Scattering (DLS) and UV-Vis.
  • Characterization of biodegradable materials for the agri-food and biomedical sector.
  • Development of food packaging with innovative fillers, to increase the shelf-life of food products. Migration test of flexible packaging in food simulants according to EC Regulation 10/2011. Shelf-life tests on foods.
  • Formulation of sol-gel materials with photosensitive components for holographic and sensor applications.

Deposition of solutions and emulsions on a thin layer throught techniques of spin-coating, casting, bar-coating.

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Design and synthesis of materials | multifunctional materials | nanomaterials | sensing materials | surface functionalization |

Zuppolini Simona

Researcher – SS Napoli/Portici



Simona Zuppolini received her degree (2009) and PhD (2013) in Chemical Sciences (Organic Chemistry branch) at University of Naples “Federico II”. Her scientific activity was focused on synthesis and characterization of organic materials in bioactive molecules field. Since 2013 to 2016 she has worked at Institute of Composite and Biomedical Materials (IMCB) of National Research Council (CNR). Since 2016 she has been a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB) in Portici (Naples), and in 2018 she assumed research permanent position.

Research Interests/Publication Record:
The scientific activity of Dr Simona Zuppolini is mainly devoted to design, development and synthesis of high-quality materials to be assembled in functional architectures for the creation of sensitive surfaces, synthesis of bio-inspired materials and hybrid organic/inorganic polymeric materials in composites. Current emphases include: bio-inspired materials, superabsorbent hydrogel, hybrid particles, multifunctional materials, nanofillers in polymer composite.
Her activity is documented by more of 30 publications (ISI) including scientific papers and reviews on international journals, proceedings and 2 book chapters. Her H-index is 10 (Scopus database).

Conference organization:
She has been participated as member of scientific committee in 2 International Conferences

Work Groups participation:
Since February 2022, Member of Work Group “Divulgazione, formazione/PCTO, Outreaching” for IPCB – CNR
Since February 2022, Member of Work Group “Organizzazione Workshop e Congressi” for IPCB – CNR

She received 2 conference awards:
Best Oral Presentation (“Hybrid functional nanocomposite structures”) at IPCB Workshop, 2020
Best Poster Award (“Reflection-Type Long Period Grating biosensor for the detection of Drug Resistant Bacteria: the Opto-Bacteria Project”) at XVIII AISEM 2015

Recent international collaborations:
CERN, Geneva in Collaborative R&D with CERN on “Relative humidity Fiber optic sensors based on Long Period Gratings” and University of Bath UK

Referee activity:
Since 2016 she has been reviewed papers for several International Journals.