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Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Coatings | nanocomposites | stimuli-responsive systems | sustainable recycling | 3D printing |

Olivieri Federico

Temporary researcher – SP Pozzuoli



Federico Olivieri, Materials Engineer and PhD at the University of Naples Federico II, is research assistant at IPCB-CNR.

His current research activities, carried out at IPCB Unit of Pozzuoli, involve the development and study of the following systems:

  • Smart polymer coatings containing stimuli-responsive nanocontainers of active agents for the protection of metal substrates from corrosion, for cultural heritage applications;
  • High surface area mesoporous silica nanoparticles with tailored porosity and functionality and enhanced adsorption properties for water remediation applications;
  • Nanostructured coatings based on graphene oxide, phyllosilicates and cellulosic materials for enhanced barrier properties and sustainable-by-design flexible packaging;
  • Graphene based polymer coatings on textiles for piezoresistive applications;
  • Innovative lead-free nanocomposite systems for X-ray protection;
  • Safe and sustainable recycling solutions for polymer waste and polymer (nano)composites.

    During his early career, Dr. Federico Olivieri research activities have been focused on:

    • 3D printing of polymers (PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, PA6) for biomedical applications through FDM and SLS techniques, during a post-doc position at the IPCB Portici unit;
    • Design, development and study of polymer lenses obtained through electrofluidodynamic effect for optics applications, during his PhD career, carried out at the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (ISASI) of CNR.

    Dr. Federico Olivieri is co-author of 15 research products, including one book chapter, and he has presented the results of his research activities to several scientific conferences and EU project meetings.

    Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

    bio-based polymers | nanocomposites | hybrid polymeric materials | films | multiscale foams |

    Oliviero Maria

    Researcher – SS Napoli/Portici



    Maria Oliviero graduated in Engineering of Materials in 2004 and received her PHD in Engineering of Materials and Structures in 2008 at University of Naples Federico II. In 2008, she was Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Agrotechnology & Research Centre of Vageningen (The Netherlands) where she worked on “Production of thermoplastic protein based food packaging containing food to be subjected to sterilization and/or pasteurization processes”. From 2009 to 2011 she gained a PostDoc position at the Institute for Polymers, Composite and Biomaterials (IPCB) of the National Research Council (CNR) in “Development of multifunctional polymers based on thermoplastic proteins”. In 2012 she gained a Research Fellowship at Department of Industrial Engineering of Faculty of Engineering of University of Naples- Federico II in “Modeling and testing of transport phenomena in foams”. In this period, she was Assistant for didactic activity with reference to “Science and technology of materials” and “Technical physics” for degree course in Material Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, respectively. She was assistant supervisor for more than 20 master theses. From 2013 she is a research scientist at IPCB of CNR (permanent staff from 2019).

    Her principal research interest lies in the field of biodegradable and sustainable polymers. She is an expert in the technologies for the production of films and multi-scale foams. She has wide experience in the thermoplastic processing, characterization and property analysis of natural polymers such as proteins. Her research activities have been mainly focused on: I) Study of the correlations between structure-process-properties of natural polymers including polymeric blends; II) Technological development of novel class of biomaterials based on thermoplastic proteins able to elicit and direct specific cell fate by encoding multiple arrays of biological active moieties; III) Study and modelling of transformation processes of “lightweight” materials  with designed structural and functional properties ; IV) Development of hybrids and nanocomposites by using sol-gel approach and preformed nanoparticles in biopolymers; V) Development of multifunctional polymer based  on polymers from natural sources for food packaging.

    Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

    FTIR Spectroscopy |

    Orefice Giustino

    Technical collaborator – SP Pozzuoli