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Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Soft matter | Polymer-based nanoparticles | Anti-cancer nanomaterials | Microfluidic techniques | organic synthesis | Dynamic light scattering | NMR spectroscopy 

fabozzi antonio

Researcher – SS Napoli/Portici



Dr. Antonio Fabozzi is a Senior Post Doctoral Researcher at Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB) of National Research Council (CNR) of Naples (Italy). He achieved the master degree and then the PhD degree in Chemical Sciences at University of Naples “Federico II”. His research activity is focused on the preparation of polymer-based nanomaterials by means of microfluidics and their physicochemical characterization for the release of active principle in the drug delivery field.

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Regenerative medicine | tissue engineering | cell-material interactions anti-cancer nanomaterials | biomaterials with regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties |

fasolino ines

Researcher – SS Napoli/Portici



Dr. Ines Fasolino has been carrying out her research activity at the Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials of the National Research Council of Italy (IPCB-CNR) since 2013, first as a post-Doc and as a permanent researcher from 2020 to today.M.Sc degree in Pharmacy (2009) and Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013). Her previous research work consisted in investigating pharmacological agents for the treatment of gastrointestinal inflammation and colon cancer on in vitro models (primary and immortalized cell cultures), in vivo (xenograft models and induced colon cancer by chemical agents) and ex vivo (histology of colon tissues and isolation of intestinal epithelial cells). Current research activities concern the development (sol-gel and lyophilization techniques) and characterization (cell-material interaction) of innovative biomaterials for applications in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering: (i) biological and pharmacological responses in the presence of materials for the regeneration of bone tissue (polymers and composites for biomedical applications, calcium phosphates for bone repair and regeneration, hydrogels and biodegradable polymers); (ii) biological and pharmacological response of several healthy, cancerous and immune cell lines (macrophages and microglial cells isolated from rat pups) in the presence of materials for tissue regeneration and/or cancer treatment (polymers and composites for biomedical application, as 3D microfibers for neuronal regeneration and for the inhibition of neuroinflammation, calcium phosphates for bone repair and regeneration, hydrogels as carriers of anti-inflammatory drugs). A six months-period of training during PhD course at the Research Center for Nutrition and Food Sciences (TU München, Germany) has been contributing to strengthen her expertise on gastrointestinal pharmacology. She has taken part to several International Projects as visiting scientist at Queen Mary University of London, INEB (Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal) and at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, thus improving her research collaboration network in the field of tissue engineering.

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Technology transfer | Science diplomacy | Valorization | Strategies | Innovation strategy |

fiore emanuele

Technologist director – SP Pozzuoli



Activities related to and aimed at innovation, enhancement and technology transfer of research projects, carried out at national and international level.

– Representative of the President of the National Research Council of Italy in the steering committee CNR-ULAVAL www.umilaval.cnr.it ;
– Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Canada June 2007- October 2014;
– Professor of Economics and Management at the Department of Economics and Management Engineering, University of Naples Federico II A.A.2003-2004-2005-2006-2007 & 2015-2016;
– Responsible for projects of the National Research Council (CNR) at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers (ICTP) & (IPCB);
– Italian National Contact Point (NCP) for the 5th and 6th Framework Research Programm (FP) of European Union 1998-2006.


Visiting Professor: Bulgaria Academy of Science (March 2016);
Visiting Professor McGill University Canada (October 2015);
Patron Science Award – TRIUMF Vancouver (October 2014);
Educators’ Honour Roll, University of Ottawa – TELFER School of Management Canada (October 2013);
Letter of merit from Nobel Laureate H.E. Prof. Rita Levi Montalcini (October 2011);
Knight of the Order to the Merit of the Republic of Italy OMRI 2008;

Intership at the University of California 2006 on International Technology Transfer Office.
Executive member of the Steering Committee JIRU CNR-ULAVAL (2016-2024)
Executive Committee Member of the Triple Helix Association (2020-2024)

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Polymers | food packaging | processing | active coating |

fornaro mattia

Temporary researcher – SP Pozzuoli



In 2021 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’. His experimental thesis about the environmental sustainability of organic materials concerned the preparation and characterization of reprocessable Diels-Alder epoxy-based thermosets.


He is currently involved in the following research activities related to films for food packaging:

  • preparation of formulations for active organic coatings against molds and bacteria
  • physicochemical and mechanical characterization of coated films, including barrier properties and release kinetics of active agents from coatings.