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Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

Polymer based multicomponent materials | compatibilization | interfacial adhesion |solid state NMR | recycling |

errico maria emanuela

Research director – SP Pozzuoli



Maria Emanuela Errico graduated in Chemistry with full marks at the University of Naples “Federico II”. She obtained the post-graduate specialization in “Chemical Synthesis”. Since 2021 she has been a research director at the IPCB-CNR.
Her research activity is mainly focused on understanding the interfacial issues in multiphase polymeric systems and /or micro and nanostructured hybrids, aimed at the preparation of functional materials.

Specific skills concern:

– Development of interfacial strategies such as surface modification of fillers, synthesis of compatibilizing agents, polymer functionalization;
– Preparation of polymer based multicomponent materials (blend, micro and nano composites) by the set up of proper preparation methodologies such as reactive processing, in situ polymerization, mechano-chemical processes, melt processing ;
– Analysis by solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (SS-NMR) aimed at the study of the structure of the phases in semicrystalline materials and of the dynamic parameters of the polymer chains, the analysis of segregated phases in polymer blends and the study of the polymer/filler interaction mechanisms at the interface in micro and nano hybrid systems as well as the chemical-structural analysis of the interphase;
– Study of property-structure relationships;
– Design and development of eco-sustainable methodologies for the valorization and the mechanical recycling of post-consumer heterogeneous plastic mixtures to realize new 100% recycled materials.

As part of these research topics, she is scientific responsible for the IPCB-CNR of several national and international projects.

She carries out pre and post-graduate training activities in collaboration with the University of Naples “Federico II” and the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”.

She is scientific responsible of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
She is a member of national technical and scientific commissions and committees.
She has participated in the technical and scientific organization of international conferences relating to the area of science and technology of polymeric materials.
She is co-author of more than 120 scientific articles published in international journals (source Scopus), 4 patents, books, book chapters and various contributions on Italian and international series.
She is guest editor of international scientific journals (Water, Air, & Soil Pollution – Springer; The European Physical Journal Plus -EPJ plus; Polymers -MDPI)

Abbate Valentina IPCB CNR

esposito anna

Administrative collaborator – SP Pozzuoli