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Thermochimica Acta-Special Issue
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Year: 2018

Special Issue in memoriam of Bernhard Wunderlich (1931-2012), a pioneer educator and scientist in physical chemistry of polymers

First published: 20 February 2022



René Androsch, Maria Laura Di Lorenzo

Prof. Bernhard Wunderlich has been one of the most influential thermal analysts in the field of polymers. He was a great educator and scientist in physical chemistry of polymers, and his textbooks are gold standards and a must for all students and professionals working in this field. He published more than 400 scientific papers, with the number of citations not fading. Among his greatest achievements are his ideas about "Molecular Nucleation", "Conformationally Disordered Crystals", the "Rigid Amorphous Fraction in Semicrystalline Polymers", or "Reversible Crystallization and Melting", to name only a few. Analysis and interpretation of the "Heat Capacity of Polymers" was subject of Prof. Wunderlich's entire career and led to the establishment of the well-known ATHAS (Advanced Thermal Analysis System) database. 10 years after he passed away at the age of 81, his concepts and ideas are still present and continue to serve as nuclei for further developments in many exciting fields of polymer science, with the latest developments summarized in this Special Issue.

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