In biomaterial research is important to investigate how different material properties influence cell behavior. Cell-biomaterial interaction is referred to here as the phenomenon involved in adherent cells attachment to the biomaterial surface, and their related cell functions such as adhesion, growth and differentiation. In this context, material surface properties influence the distribution and expression of the adsorbed protein compounds of extracellular matrix, which in turn regulates how cells respond to the material. Understanding the relationship between material surface properties, three-dimensional structure, adsorbed molecules and cellular responses is essential to designing optimal biomaterial able to mimic the physico-chemical, morphological and mechanical properties of tissue to regenerate.
The aim is to investigate the biological material properties in terms of cytotoxicity, biocompatibility and bioactivity by using several cell lines and primary cell cultures (differentiated or mesenchymal stem cells) isolated from different tissues in static and dynamic conditions. In fact, it has been demonstrated that calcium phosphates scaffolds with human mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSC) stimulated by dynamic compression (Bose bioreactor) have shown higher biological activity in terms of vitality, proliferation and extracellular matrix production than a static cell culture. The dynamic tensile stimulation of cellular construct allows an improvement of tendons regeneration than static conditions. Furthermore d dynamic-magnetic stimulation is important to improve the cellular proliferation.
The in vitro studies that we are performing performed to evaluate cell-material interactions are reported below:

  • Adhesion, Vitality and Proliferation
    light microscopy, proliferation test, LDH assay, Alamar blue assay, live/dead staining
  • cell-cell and cell-material interactions

Immunofluorescence, Confocal microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Differentiation, protein expression
    Immunofluorescence, ELISA, colorimetric and fluorimetric assays


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Luigi Ambrosio, Ugo D'Amora, Roberto De Santis, Antonio Gloria, Vincenzo Guarino, Maria Grazia Raucci, Alfredo Ronca, Alessandra Soriente, Stefania Zeppetelli.

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